Pontiac nightlife is a quick stop away from Waterford!

Kick the night off right with some of these client favorites

Doesn't matter if we are picking up in Waterford or anywhere else, Pontiac has a lot of great bars, pubs, and clubs for you and your friends to have a blast at when you are out on the town with us behind the wheel for you. You can hop around to all the best bars and clubs in the area and keep the celebration going back on the limo or bus with our high end luxury nightclub on wheels. While these businesses are great, many of our customers say the highlights of the night are the time they spend on our Waterford Party Bus with all their friends and family going place to place.


1225 Baldwin Ave, Pontiac, MI 48340

Green Tavern is a very old tavern in Pontiac with a lot of rustic, divey charm. The staff are all fantastic, and your glass will never go empty. They usually have some sort of great special going on for drinks and food, so stop in and see what kind of deal you can get. Happy Hour is from 11-7 every weekday. They have plenty of televisions, so come in with friends, watch the big game, and enjoy yourself!


15 S Saginaw St, Pontiac, MI 48342

Elektricity Nightclub is a great place to dance the night away. The DJs always keep the jams pumping with usually electronic music. There may be a long line outside, but the space is huge and you will get in. You're going to have a great time here with friends! Drinks are more expensive here so make sure you plan for that. There is a large paid parking lot across the street, so finding a spot isn't too difficult for those who don't take a party bus.


29 S Saginaw St, Pontiac, MI 48342

Tonic Nightclub is another nightclub in Pontiac where you can enjoy a fun night of dancing but is 18 or older. With this club attracting a younger crows, a DJ spins popular Top 40 music all night long, guaranteeing fun times to be had. It tends to get pretty crowded, so prepare yourself for a lot of people. As you would expect for this kind of club, drinks are kind of expensive. There is a large parking lot across the street, but you have to pay to park there.


1 N Saginaw St, Pontiac, Michigan 48342

JD's Key Club is a piano bar, featuring great live dueling pianos every night. Piano bars are always fun, and they are great for singing along to your favorite classic and current popular songs. Drinks aren't very expensive, so you won't break the bank. JD's is always offering some sort of special, so stop by and see what kind of deals you can get. They frequently host fundraisers so if you love contributing to a good cause, drop by and party while you do it! Call ahead and make a reservation so that you can go and sit without the wait. It is located across the street from a public parking lot that you just have to pay a few dollars to park in. You're going to love this place.


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